Chamonix- A Dream Land in South Eastern France

Chamonix- A Dream Land in South Eastern France

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Some call Chamonix as place of dreams and for some it is Mecca of mountaineering (Lonely Planet). It is the home for huge glaciated mountains,including western Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc; the playground of serious mountaineers. Weather doesn’t matter in Chamonix if you are after fun. In summers alpinist explore their own mountain world while in winters this place belongs to enthusiastic skiers who find it fun to play with slopes. But the fun is not limited to only these. As Chamonix has a lot more to offer like Walks(Classic walk, Family walk,Hut walk, Adventure Walk) ,Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Road biking etc. In below images you can look at the activities you can have here.

Chamonix Walk Map


Brief History of Chamonix:

Chamonix was first discovered by two English poets (Lord Byron and Shelley) who on their way from Switzerland, wandered up the mountains from Martigny and found it. Interestingly, they didn’t get mesmerized by the huge Mont Blanc at first sight rather Mer de Glace(glacier) enchanted them. They were both poets and this interaction with nature resulted in masterpieces like Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Menfreed and Endymion. This propogated a chain of tourists to this valley. Chamonix has got another distinction that first winter olmpics were held here in 1924.

Today’s City:

Chamonix is at an altitude of 1050 meters. The massif of Mont Blanc in the east and the Aiguillies Rouges to the west forms this valley of Chamonix. The massif of Mont Blanc itself straddles the frontiers of France, Itlay and Switzerland. It is considered as third most visited place in the world. This is confirmed by the busy streets on nice summer days. Chamonix is dominated by its glaciers and peaks. It has about 40 glaciers and it is said that 14 of them can be seen at once from La flagere cable car top station.

Scenic views are not the only reason to visit this valley. It is built in a modern way having hotels,huts,camp sites and Restaurants. Ideal season to visit the valley is July and August but to the adventurers there is no restriction. There are many tourist offices in Chaomonix valley which provides tourists a lot of ease in getting information about places. Here are some of the visitor’s attractions in Chamonix.

1) Mont Blanc (Highest peak in Europe)
2) Tramway du Mont Blanc (Tram service for those who are interested in scenery while sitting idle )
3) Chamonix village (Put on the map by courtesy of two English travellers)
4) Mer de Glace (Europe’s largest glacier)
5) Aiguille du Midi (Gateway to Alps at height of 3777m and is reached by cable cards)
6) Le Brévent (Amazing scenic views)
7) Grands Montets (green pastures and vibrant wildlife)

PS. I have not visited this place yet but read about it and seen its photographs. However, I would love to visit this place by myself so keeping it in my blog. A reminder to myself. You can also read about the places i visited here.

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