Deosai- A beauty not praised by William Wordsworth – Part 8

Deosai- A beauty not praised by William Wordsworth – Part 8

Returning From Deosai

On our return from Deosai, minds were relaxed but hearts were not contented. We wanted to stay longer, enjoy more but there were too many places to visit in a short time. A lot of writers have praised Deosai in their books, but they were not poets. At least I don’t know anyone. Deosai don’t have its own William Wordsworth to praise its beauty. That’s the tragedy it faces.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

– William Wordsworth

Leaving Skardu

We reached back to our hotel in Kachura at 6 pm. We decided to travel back to Jaglot as we were feeling fresh. Again a journey of 7-8 hours. Traveling at night was a good option because roads are not busy. After having tea with snacks, we left the hotel at 7 pm. Although, there was a rumor that due to landsliding Skardu road is not operational. We decided to take our chances. We didn’t encounter any road closure(lucky us) and reached Jaglot at 2:30 am.

Finding hotel at the main Gilgit road at this time of the night was a nightmare due to fully booked status of all hotels. We got one in the end, and our plan was to go to Fairy meadows next morning.

Fairy Meadows: Where we couldn’t go

For Fairy meadows we had to travel to Raikot bridge on main Gilgit road opposite to Gilgit city. Due to the track conditions of this route, we had to get a 4×4 jeep again. After many discussions and keeping time constraints(On 6th day i need to be back at home) in mind, we decided not to go there this time. The plan was to drive back to Naran and stay there for a night.

Going to Naran

We were lucky this time. Our alternate route was open i.e. going back via Babusar top/Naran kaghan. This route dramatically reduces destination time plus a beautiful scenic road to drive on. At around 2 pm, we were at Babusar top.

Babusar Top

Babusar Top is at the elevation of 13,691 ft., and it is in the north of Kaghan valley connecting it to Chilas. It is the highest pass in the babusar valley and easily approachable by cars. If you are planning to GB and thinking of using this route its better to confirm first whether its open or not? Secondly, though it’s a scenic road but be aware of the hairpinned turns climbing up and down the mountain.

Road Structure of Babusar Top

A hairpin turn is with a very acute inner angle forcing the car to make a 180 degrees angle to continue straight on the road. If it’s confusing, just look at the hairpin ladies normally use. You will get the jist. Rizwan (having more experience in driving vehicles at mountains) kept on advising fellow drivers: “Let the car breathe.” For all new drivers in mountains, keep your acceleration steady and don’t push engine too much as it will bring engine to fumes i.e. overheating of the engine. Also, if you are driving an automatic vehicle, don’t use brakes too much. Rely on low gears. If you already know all this, I am sorry to waste your time but as it is one of the most famous hairpinned road so thought to tell you all this advance.

babusar top covered with snow
                                                Babusar Top Covered with Snow

Babusar top has an unmatched beauty and sceneries. In June, it was completely covered in snow and there were piles of snow on each side of the road. On a clear day, you can see Nanga Parbat(killer mountain) can from here. The weather was really cold here so we took a short chilly pakora break here. On our way back to Naran, we had to stop at multiple occasions due to glaciers on road. Thanks to locals who were clearing up the roads. At around 7 pm, we reached Naran valley. I will cover Naran Diaries later so stay tuned, and keep visiting.

Naran Valley
                                                                                Naran Valley


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