Deosai National Park is the real deal – Part 6

Deosai National Park is the real deal – Part 6

Finally towards Deosai National Park

Have you ever imagined about heaven? If not, by seeing Deosai National Park (or simply Deosai Plains), you can get a glimpse of it. Words can’t do justice while explaining its beauty, camera’s eye can’t process its magic but human eye can and that takes you in wonderland. A place so serene that according to local beliefs only Giants inhabit this place.

Two Inspirations for going to Deosai National Park

Two things will always stuck to my mind when I think about Deosai. One from Pakistan’s famous writer Mustansar Hussain Tarar’s travel of Deosai. While reading his book about Deosai at the age of 16, his mentioning of Brown bear, flowers and beauty of Deosai, takes you to the world of imagination. You don’t wish for it; you crave for it.

Secondly, in 2004, while I was visiting Lake Saif ul Malook in Naran, a local guide told me a tale of Prince Saif ul Malook of Egypt. He saw picture of fairy princess Badi-ul-Jamal and fell in love with her (Cupid was really active in those times). After years of hardships in trying to find her, he finally came to know that princess lives on a lake in the north of this region. The prince came to this lake and met his soulmate who was captive of the white giant. That lake was later known as Lake Saif-ul-Malook.

I am not writing complete story here. But my guide told me that White Giant found out that fairy princess was also in love with Prince Saif. He angrily took her to his own town which was Deosai (leave authenticity aside, but his version of events led me to Deosai). These were my reasons and hope some of you will like it.

Deosai National Park

Did I tell you that Deosai being land of giants won’t allow you to travel in comfortable cars? No Sir, you need a 4×4 vehicle and a lot of bumps to reach there. We had to hire a jeep to reach there (had to pay quite a few bucks for it). Deosai National Park was established in 1993 to protect the habitat of brown bear and other wildlife. It is an high-altitude alpine plain situated at an average elevation of 4114 meters(13,497 feet) above sea level. Routes to Deosai are from Skardu city and Astore valley which I explained in previous post. We adopted Skardu route. On the way, there is another attraction known as Satpara lake. Though, we didn’t make a stop at this lake due to time constraints but it doesn’t mean it was not beautiful.

Satpara Lake is on the way to Deosai

When you leave Satpara lake and village behind, after travelling for almost half an hour, you reach at a checkpoint for entering in Deosai National Park. And believe me when i say real fun begins from here. Travel on the Deosai Road is a whole new experience. On your right, there are gigantic mountains and on your left there are depths. Plus there are a lot of spots to spend time and enjoy.

Place to visit in Deosai plains
Place to visit in Deosai

Flora and Fauna of Deosai

The flora and fauna of Deosai are unique and worth-mentioning. As other than its amazing views, its wildlife is worth-looking at. Brown Polar bears were on the verge of extinction when government took measures and prohibited prize kills. It is also home to Himalian ibex, golden eagle, snow leopard, marmot and many more. Although we were not able to see any of them except marmot. Such a photo-conscious animal. We saw one on the hill and tried to take its photo. But it was naughty and not in a mood to give a good pose. So whenever, we tried it showed us his back. Eventually after some struggle we were able to take its photo.

Marmot in Deosai national park
Marmot in Deosai Plains

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